How to Identify Vision Problems in Children

As a parent it can be sort of a relief when you work out that your child's behavioural issues in school might just be based on sight problems. Here is how to work out how to get your child into a position where they can focus on their schoolwork.

Get your child an eye examination

Make an appointment at your local optometrist to get your child's eyes tested. If your child is under 5, be sure to let the optometrist know so they can have a booster seat and specific eye tests for children you aren't yet reading to identify. For children who aren't yet reading eye tests usually consist of easy to identify small pictures or basic symbols and shapes.

Choose glasses with your child

Let your child be involved in choosing the glasses they'll be wearing. While they may initially be reluctant, it can help if they feel some control over the situation. Work out some options that allow they to still play sports and participate in normal schoolyard activities such as shatter proof glasses and anti-fog coatings. They might suddenly become much better at sport when they can see correctly.

Organise for your child to sit close to the board

Once your child is back at school, ask the teacher if they can sit up the front of the class while they get used to participating in class. Even with their eyesight corrected it can take a little whole to get used focusing in class and old habits can take a little while to break. They may need some extra support form the teacher during this time, and the teacher may need to prompt them to use their glasses if they are feeling self conscious.

Ask the teacher to observe your child for any signs that they may still be struggling with eyesight like rubbing their eyes, squinting or holding their work at distance trying to read it.

Schedule regular eye examinations

As children are rapidly growing, they often benefit from more regular eye examinations than adults. Try scheduling six monthly eye examinations but watch between these sessions for any clumsiness or headaches that could indicates your child's prescription may need adjusting.

Finding eye problems in children can be a relief for children and adults who are struggling to identify the reason for behaviour problems. Don't delay in booking an eye examination for your child. For more information or assistance, contact resources like Bay Optical.