Discussing your impotence with your doctor

Impotence can be emotionally damaging as well as interfere with your ability to form sexual relationships with partners. Luckily, impotence can be treated with a combination of medication, physical therapy and counselling.

Here are some steps to take if you are suffering from impotence.

Keep a diary of the incidents

Keep a diary of the times that you are attempting to get an erection and cannot achieve one and any times that you manage to sustain an erection and/or orgasm with a partner or alone. This information can help the doctor to determine some of the causes of your erectile dysfunction and come up some possible solutions.

Speak to your doctor

It is a great idea to discuss these issues with your doctor as soon as possible. Bring the diary with you so that you can show the extent of the problem. Together you can work on a treatment plan.


For some people, the cause of impotence can be an emotional issue such as dealing with grief, fear or stress. It can also be an indication of emotional issues within a relationship. Many people find that dealing with this stress can help to resolve the impotence. Your doctor can give you a referral to a counselling service if it seems like this might help.

Lifestyle changes

Erections rely on blood flow to the groin. Lifestyle factors such as having a very high body weight and smoking can reduce blood flow which can increase impotence. Your doctor can advise on some ways to resolve any lifestyle issues, so this might mean diet and exercise to help you lose weight or nicotine replacement to help you quit smoking.


There are a range of medications that can be used to help you get an erection. Your doctor can assess which medications might be effective for you and ensure that they do not create any side effects with other medications that you already take.

Physical therapy

For people who have structural issues with blood flow to the groin area, this can be the cause of impotence. If this is the case, it can sometimes be useful to have a few sessions of physical therapy to improve muscle tone and blood flow to the pelvic floor and surrounding areas.

There is no reason to avoid speaking to your doctor if you are suffering from impotence. There are a range of therapies and medications that can be tried to solve the issues of impotence.