Conditions That Physiotherapy Can Treat

Physiotherapy offers a multi-dimensional approach that can treat different conditions. It mainly focuses on restoring and rehabilitating the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. However, it's also effective for treating other conditions, including the following.

Sports Injuries

After incurring an injury, it's common to have pains and aches, which mainly demand some time off from the sport. Athletes are prone to sprains and strains due to their exhausting effort.

Physiotherapy helps ease the ache, stiffness and boosts flexibility. Therefore, physiotherapy is an effective way to facilitate the rehabilitation and healing process after an injury. It also helps in tapping the key area of the problem and using different forms of therapy to ensure athletes heal properly.


Often, arthritis comes with aging. It's a type of joint disorder that comes with joint inflammation. There are different forms of arthritis, such as Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It's considered a progressive disease, and therefore, dealing with it sooner increases your chances of mitigating it. Anyone suffering from this painful condition can seek relief by enrolling in physiotherapy. 

A physiotherapist ensures blood flow to all the muscles through simple, manageable exercise, reducing rigidity and encouraging more mobility. Physiotherapy helps slow the progression of arthritis and offers the patient a chance to learn coping strategies and enrol in an effective rehabilitation program.

Respiratory Problems

A condition such as cystic fibrosis mainly affects the lungs. Through physiotherapy, you get to do simple exercises which will help ease breathing and clear the chest. 

Your physiotherapist will also add some simple exercises to improve your posture and decrease your pain, making breathing easier. Other respiratory issues like asthma, pneumonia and lung cancer can also be treated through physiotherapy. 


Most people are victims of accidents caused by third parties, some of which result in severe conditions. Besides, your homes may not be as safe as you think they are. One million slip and falls accidents occur in the home that require visits to the emergency room every year. Although you can sustain injuries during an accident that are visible, some, like whiplash or damaged tissues, cannot be seen. The symptoms can also appear days after the accident.

After the occurrence of an accident that reduces your mobility, physiotherapy is an effective solution. It helps resume normal motion and boosts muscle strength. If you were in a serious accident that caused an extremely painful injury, physiotherapy offers a solution to regulate the pain without heavily relying on medication.

Physiotherapy is an effective solution for numerous problems like arthritis, injuries and respiratory problems. Physiotherapists use special exercise regimes and specialised equipment to treat the above and other numerous conditions like back pain, headaches, and vertigo.