Reasons to Use Massage Therapy Alongside Physiotherapy

When you're suffering from pain in a particular area, it's sometimes difficult to know whether to see a massage therapist or a physiotherapist. The good news is that you can see both. Massage acts as an excellent adjunct for physiotherapy, and you may even reach a stage where you can use it alone. If you're still unsure, here are some great reasons to use massage alongside physio treatments. Pain Relief for Episodic Pain [Read More]

Three Tips To Survive Spring Allergies While Wearing Contact Lenses

As someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, you already know how miserable spring can be. However, when you start wearing contact lenses, spring gets downright irritating. There are three easy ways you can tone down the effects seasonal allergies will have on your contact lens wearing experience. Don't Itch Taking allergy medication is not always enough to keep the itchy eyes at bay. However, rubbing your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses must be avoided. [Read More]

Thumb Sucking and Orthodontics: Why Won't an Orthodontist Fit Braces?

While most people who suck their thumbs give up the habit naturally when they are children, some find it harder to stop and may carry on sucking their thumbs into adolescence. From a dental perspective, persistent thumb sucking can cause teeth to become misaligned, and so you may be considering having your child fitted with braces to straighten their teeth. While braces can do this, an orthodontist is not typically likely to recommend bracing if your child is still sucking their thumb. [Read More]

The First Steps To Take When Someone Passes Away

When someone close to you dies, it is obviously an extremely sad occasion for everyone connected with them.  However, there are some practicalities that must be attended to before you can begin to think about funeral arrangements or arranging a memorial service. Here's a brief overview of the matters that require attending to immediately following a loved one's passing. What to do first The first thing you must do is notify all close family and friends of the deceased. [Read More]